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Free Consultations

We might work with medications all day long, but we know that our customers do not. Most people have limited exposure to prescription medications, only taking them to curb an infection or deal with occasional pain or discomfort. This can lead to many questions and concerns when your doctor prescribes you something new.

At King’s Pharmacy, our pharmacists take the time that is required for you to feel comfortable with your medication. There is no rushing, just information and answers. We have a private counseling area to offer you the discretion that you deserve and the comfort that you need. We will even train you on how to inject your insulin, use your inhaler or any other medication training that you may need.

Our pharmacists also offer a complete review of your medications to ensure that you understand what you are taking and that there are no conflicts or interactions between them. This can be particularly important if you’re on a complicated medication regimen.